Vijyadashmi, the emergence!!

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Awaken the durga within you, and resurrect the power that once died under the persecution, every time you were tortured. Gather the strength that was once crushed by the barbarity, every time your dignity was tormented. Because it is not just about the end of evil, but also about the emergence of that strong light within you that possesses the power to blind every eye that looks at you with disrespect. It is the kindling of the fire inside you that possesses the wilderness to burn every hand that tries to scourge your right, your honour and dignity. Become the flame yourself, so that you could no more be burnt, instead enlighten your path towards the triumph that you equally deserve.

Flawless, a flaw!!!

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It is so easy to find faults. Why is appreciation so rare and so difficult? I think we are all confused. Isn’t “finding fault” the one, guilty for ruining a relationship? And still we get in the trap, it sets for us, and end up looking at the negativity, looking for all that we don’t like. Why can’t the goodness be more appealing? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round? But we can’t stop being humans after all. We have few things so deep rooted, that we totally forget the rightness, and are in continuous search of wrong. Why can’t we love the people the way they are? Why does everything have to be rectified and made perfect? Some people need to be raw, they are beautiful that way. It’s a fault in us that we cannot accept the way they are. So before looking for a flaw in a person, think twice. No one is born perfect. The perfection can be a flaw sometimes.