Random Thought!!

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When I was planning

He was laughing

He who owns everything

He who knows everything

Yet I never stopped

Plans that flopped

I still kept making

Is there a fault in my making!!

I asked Him out loud

To clear the thick cloud

That had layered my vision

That affected every decision

That I once made with precision

And suddenly I heard

Laughter so loud

Totally abstruse and unheard

Ending into a complete silence

Increasing the cabalistic suspense

I waited, baffled and puzzled

Trying to unravel

This enigmatic instance

The surety of its existence

And there it was again

Loud and clear

A voice without fear

“Nothing can be planned

And yet we do it!!

It is never in our hand

And yet we do it!!”

Sometimes it works

Sometimes we fail

Because we are humans

Cemented and stuck

Between the heart and the brain

Was my brain talking?

Or my heart mocking

I still keep pondering!!

I still fail to interpret!!

…Anushree Dutta

My First Thought as a Newborn!!

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 It was the day I blossomed

The day I was born

Until then wrapped, enwreathed

Before I started to suddenly breathe

On my own, for the first time

Life was a wrestle, yet so sublime

I realized with every gasp I made

As in her arms I laid

This warmth was similar

As she cuddled me

This voice I knew

As she cooed to me

She was the one, my mother

Whom I longed to see!!

With a shine in my eyes

I tried to take a glance

My vision totally blurred

Which was so not preferred

As I struggled to perceive

Yet I could perfectly envision

Her face full of love

Lighting in ecstasy

Nothing could be prettier

Than this moment

So perfectly glorious

Reflected in her warm caress

In her captivating smile

And her eyes, filled with tears!!



A life’s Lesson..A Short Story!!

Sometimes little occurrences in our life teaches us the biggest lessons. Let me elaborate this thought by narrating a beautiful short story. This is a story about a mother, who used to be very exhausted with her daily chores, which included managing two little kids as well. She never wanted to start with her German classes, but she was left with no options. She had already enrolled for it and the classes were about to begin in a day or two. And cancelling it would be a waste of the entire amount already paid to take up the course.

So, finally the day had arrived. And to add up to her list of demotivating factors, the uninvited migraine just kissed her on one side of her forehead. But she really didn’t want to miss the first class, so had to avoid all the hurdles in her path. And finally reached the destination. There was an old fellow, somewhere in his late 60s, standing right in front of the entrance, taking puffs from his cigarette. She just wanted to confirm, and asked him whether it was the correct address, where she was supposed to reach. She showed him a paper that she was carrying in her hand, which stated the classroom number, name of the teacher and other details. He took a very brief look as if everything was already known to him. He was almost done with his smoke and asked her to wait, so that he could join her to the class. She was dumbstruck for a while trying to figure out whether or not he was a student just like her. And to her surprise, he was. For a moment, she was taken aback by his vigor and zeal to learn something new. He was almost double her age, and yet so enthusiastic.  And she thought, look at me cribbing about my problems and showing no keenness to an opportunity in life to learn something new. Right at this moment, this wise fellow taught her one of the biggest lessons of her life. His zest enlightened her life with a new perspective. Since then she never gave up in her entire lifetime, and she talked straight into the face of all her problems, “Bring it on dude! Let’s see what you have got this time.” Because she had faith in herself, and courage in her heart to cope with them all.

It is all about how we tutor our brain. Because everything lies in our head. It is our choice to alleviate our pain with calmness and courage or to aggravate it with our despairing attitude.  It is all about our thoughts and motivations in life which help us cope with the biggest hurdles or to make a trivial issue into our biggest nightmare.

On this positive note, I would just thank you all for stopping by. I hope it made sense and would be of help in any way possible.

Anushree Dutta

Perplexed Me!!

It was a stormy night,

Dark and wet,

Hours after sunset,

There was no sign of moonlight,

Suddenly I saw something ignite,

Lightning !! Racing,

Through the night pacing,

To win over the dark,

With its momentary spark,

Lightning !! Every now and then,

And it was that moment when,

I found myself Perplexed….

And asked myself,

Am I really hexed?

Is it just me?

Or anyone could it be?

Because everytime I step out,

Without an umbrella,

Trust me O, my fella,

I get washed out,

By a heavy downpour!!!

            Anushree Dutta