Let’s get motivated#2 Dream!!

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When you are dreaming, dream like a child and dream a lot. Because a child can dream without boundaries, his thoughts can explore even those nook and corners of imagination, which adults restrict or hesitate to do. Because we are scared, we are under a constant pressure of people judging us. And it is imbibed so deeply in our sub-conscious that we get scared to even daydream freely, and we most of the time stint on this unbelievable wealth we possess. 

Because dreaming liberates you, let’s you think beyond imagination which in return adds a beautiful smile on your face, increases your heart beat for may be a few seconds and moreover, gives you a new and fresh perspective. May be you could bring one of those lamest thoughts to reality, and to your surprise it is no more lame, instead it is applauded widely. But it could only be possible when you give it a thought, when you commanded your brain to let go. And think without limits, widen the horizon of the imagination, and wander with it without any direction. Just like when you release a piece of paper in air, it flows with the wind. Without knowing where it has to go, without knowing the distance it has to travel or without the knowledge of its destination. So be that piece of paper and liberate yourself in the wind of thoughts and imagination. As we all know for any achievement, we need to have a dream first, only then can we realize it and make it a success.


United we Stand!!

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It was a busy day

Like any other Friday

People scattered or in crowd

Moving in and out

Friends chatting aloud

Without any doubt

Naive and unaware

Of the nefarious evil

Of the abominable scare

And it all ended in upheaval

The laughter washed out in blood

The romance lost in scream

By malice racing like a flood

When hatred wins over amity

Harmony is beclouded by enmity

Innocent lives are lost

Some dear ones depart

Paying this horrific cost

To vengeance, to a rageful heart

And we forget and move on

Like any other instance

 Coz nothing of ours is gone

May be just this once

Someday it could be me or you

So I have a promise to make

To forgive and to let go

A blunder or a mistake

To lend my hands when needed

To render mercy when pleaded

To kill the monster within me

Against hatred I shall combat

To spread peace and love

To be the serene white dove

And spread this message around

In unity we shall all someday bond!!

Anushree Dutta

Just a year back, on 22.07.2016, Munich (Germany) was shattered by a horrific incident and the peace and harmony of the city was ruined. Many innocent lives were lost to yet another incident, where hatred won over love, vengeance won over forgiveness, and violence won over peace. But there is always hope, and with this hope we all survive every day in love and happiness. This is my attempt to remember all those who lost their lives, with a heavy heart and teary eyes. Nevertheless, I will always hope for peace and prosperity to prevail in the World.