When I was planning

He was laughing

He who owns everything

He who knows everything

Yet I never stopped

Plans that flopped

I still kept making

Is there a fault in my making!!

I asked Him out loud

To clear the thick cloud

That had layered my vision

That affected every decision

That I once made with precision

And suddenly I heard

Laughter so loud

Totally abstruse and unheard

Ending into a complete silence

Increasing the cabalistic suspense

I waited, baffled and puzzled

Trying to unravel

This enigmatic instance

The surety of its existence

And there it was again

Loud and clear

A voice without fear

“Nothing can be planned

And yet we do it!!

It is never in our hand

And yet we do it!!”

Sometimes it works

Sometimes we fail

Because we are humans

Cemented and stuck

Between the heart and the brain

Was my brain talking?

Or my heart mocking

I still keep pondering!!

I still fail to interpret!!

…Anushree Dutta

The Hidden Truth!!

P.C. : Pinterest

This is how my story begins

With my banishment

Repudiation of my existence

My revelation to prevent

Without even my consent

They try to make a distance

Thinking I may have died

Which was once surely tried

But so is the irony

I can never ever die

No one can ever defy

My existence, my being

Because I am the truth

And this is my reality

The deception of my fatality

Is what they believe in

To hide their gruesome sin!!


This is how my story begins

With my attempted murder

Announcing me a martyr

In the war with the untruth

Yet I kept breathing, still alive

And then they tried to contrive

My confidentiality to maintain

In a permanent imperishable chain

Around me, no scope of flight

No hope to escape, to come out

As I was buried deep

In the heart, guarded

By promises and assurance

Until I took a leap

Until I was discovered

My reality was uncovered!!


This is how my story ends

For some it may be awful

For some so delightful

As it completely depends

With my revelation

Some are frantic with worry

Some dance in exhilaration

And with my discovery

I may have left some in pain

Yet, I cannot stay forever in chain

Of deceit and falsehood

I have to come out for good

Or bad, or worse,

As that is my essence

I have to someday disperse!!

-Anushree Dutta