P.C. – Google

My dearest companion Time

Stop racing

Stop pacing

Take a break for sometime

Let me live in this moment

Let me bask in the present

So ravishing

So enchanting

What is the hurry to go?

Just for a while, stop the flow!!

I try to walk

You always spurt

Why do you exert

It wouldn’t hurt

To wait for me

To match my pace

Just in case

To enjoy my company

For a while

With a smile

After all we are companions

For a lifetime!!

My dearest companion Time

Whenever I need you

You never there

When I am getting late

You stop being my mate

You start a race

Against me

Turning away your face

And on a contrary

You never hurry

When I wait to see my love

You never quickly pass

You leave me in a morass

To ever trust you

And yet you stay with me

In every moment I see

In my ecstasy and my agony

In my loss and my rise

You are my truest companion

As you stop the tick-tock

My breath gets forever locked

And they would then say

Alas, her time is over

It was her last day!!

—Anushree Dutta

Good Morning!!

P.C. – Google

It was today in the morning

So warm, so cozy

When the sun took a peek

When I was still asleep

Shining on my face

Spreading its warmth

Whispering in my ears

It’s time to wake up

To sip coffee from your cup

I disagreed

I argued

And covered my face

Go away, give me some space

Go shine somewhere else

Go bother someone, not me

Why don’t you ever get late?

This is what I really hate

I frowned

I grumbled

And left my snugly warm bed

With a crumpled spread

Still so inviting

Wrinkly yet enticing

But I had to depart

Leaving the warmth behind

For the fresh beginning

Gifted, by the morning

By the Sun, so kind!!

….Anushree Dutta