When I was planning

He was laughing

He who owns everything

He who knows everything

Yet I never stopped

Plans that flopped

I still kept making

Is there a fault in my making!!

I asked Him out loud

To clear the thick cloud

That had layered my vision

That affected every decision

That I once made with precision

And suddenly I heard

Laughter so loud

Totally abstruse and unheard

Ending into a complete silence

Increasing the cabalistic suspense

I waited, baffled and puzzled

Trying to unravel

This enigmatic instance

The surety of its existence

And there it was again

Loud and clear

A voice without fear

ā€œNothing can be planned

And yet we do it!!

It is never in our hand

And yet we do it!!ā€

Sometimes it works

Sometimes we fail

Because we are humans

Cemented and stuck

Between the heart and the brain

Was my brain talking?

Or my heart mocking

I still keep pondering!!

I still fail to interpret!!

…Anushree Dutta