An Honest Request!!


I have a life,

Or shall I say,

I had a life,

Until you wanted,

Until I was uprooted,

To give you more,

Or may I say,

Wasn’t I giving enough?

As I was alive,

I gave you shelter,

As I die,

I give you warmth,

But in return,

I ask you this time,

A  promise to make,

A troth to swear,

To bring me back,

To seed me again,

For, you owe me my life,

Which you just took away!!

                          Anushree Dutta


Achieving, Right or Wrong!!

Sometimes, how we forget to value what we have, and keep craving for something new. Even though we have at some point of time put in tons of effort to achieve the current possession, the charm stays not for long. Isn’t it the human nature, to get attracted to the ones he doesn’t possess? 

These cravings have been many a times dignified under the names of “ambitions” or “aspirations”. But the truth lies in the fact that this hunger never ends. Dreaming big or aspiring to achieve something in life is no wrong. It’s just that the insatiable thirst of achievement could be rested to peace, when one finds a little potion of “satisfaction”, in order to appease the thirst. And this “satisfaction” is not at all far-fetched. It can be easily found in the moment we live. For an instance, if we just focus on “what we have” rather than on “what we want”, each glorious effort taken in the past that were responsible in making this beautiful present can be re-lived. And definitely this one thought can earn a smile of contentment on your face. This one thought can add value to the present, which it truly deserves. 

This value addition not only increases the charm of the moment, but also creates an aura, encircling balanced thoughts, calmness and positivity. To elaborate, when one is content, one can think not only positively but also calmly. Won’t this lead to a brighter vision or perception of future? We all know that the present actions play an important role in making the future. Henceforth, the present full of positivity and contentment will definitely yield a more coruscating future full of achievements, which is rather more scintillating than the ones acquired in a valueless race of goals.

                                          Anushree Dutta