Reckless Brain!!

I am a human brain

At times, I tend to jump

With a raucous thump

On an enigmatic train

Named conclusion

Made of delusion

Fuelled by misconception

Misjudgment and assumption

Traipsing and shuffling

The tracks of pacing thoughts

So puzzled and befuddling

Tying tenacious knots

Unceasingly finding faults

Till I am interrupted

By the truth

That helps to soothe

My speedy pace

To end this phase

And to replace

Delusion with sense

Negativity with positivity

To change all the thoughts

To untie all the knots!!

                                     – Anushree Dutta



Perplexed Me!!

It was a stormy night,

Dark and wet,

Hours after sunset,

There was no sign of moonlight,

Suddenly I saw something ignite,

Lightning !! Racing,

Through the night pacing,

To win over the dark,

With its momentary spark,

Lightning !! Every now and then,

And it was that moment when,

I found myself Perplexed….

And asked myself,

Am I really hexed?

Is it just me?

Or anyone could it be?

Because everytime I step out,

Without an umbrella,

Trust me O, my fella,

I get washed out,

By a heavy downpour!!!

            Anushree Dutta 

Sharing Knowledge!!


 Knowledge is like water,

Remains fresh and flowing,

Once you start sharing…

And with the flow,

It picks up more and more…

Widening your perimeter,

Each time it adds a litre!!

The moment you don’t share,

To yourself you adhere;

It is stagnant,

Only a fragment,

Stinky and Pungent,

Getting redundant,

And then your friends are only flies,

And what you gained eventually dies!!

                                                                                      –Anushree Dutta


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​Friendship is laughter on your face,

When you are in your saddest phase,

It comes as a flying memory,

When you are sad and teary,

It comes at its highest pace,

To wipe your tears, your grief to erase!!!

Friendship is holding hands,

On the lonely, deserted sands,

When you have none standing by,

A friend will be somewhere nearby,

To embrace your pain, your isolation;

To mollify your ache, for complete alleviation!!

Friendship is celebration,

Be it the smallest acquisition,

Or a triumph, the greatest success,

To party more, to think less,

To feel tipsy, each time you spin together,

To even feel high, when these memories we gather!!!

~Anushree Dutta

I am a woman!!

I am a woman, Yes I am!!

I always give more than I get,

I am known to shed tears,

It’s not always true, the way it appears!!

I have the power to calmly gasp agony.

But can’t gape one in pain, what an irony!!

Almighty granted me a life with Integrity and Honour,

I acknowledged and perceived it as my lifetime armour,

Alas! It was vehemently rejected, repeatedly thrashed,

Constantly, bit by bit, my dignity was ineptly smashed!!

Sometimes I stood impervious, sometimes so vulnerable,

I asked the Almighty, Am I still honourable?

I was about to succumb to insolence,

I resurrect, this time without ignorance,

I am a woman, Yes I am!!

I am exceptionally precious, yes I realize!!

Nothing, none and no one can demean me,

As long as the Almighty exists within me,

That makes a lifetime, till my last breath,

My dignity never dies, even after death!!

                                  Anushree Dutta

I am a girl!!

I am a girl;Yes I am…
I was never born,
Why so soon I need to depart,
With a ripped soul and a broken heart;
Is it my fault to be who I am?
I am a girl, Yes I am!!

In grief, my soul shall forever mourn;
For the abandonment I endured;
Why should I each time be inured?
To my existence to be deliberately torn;
To my harsh and ruthless death!
Even before I took my first breath!!

                     Anushree Dutta