P.C. – Google

My dearest companion Time

Stop racing

Stop pacing

Take a break for sometime

Let me live in this moment

Let me bask in the present

So ravishing

So enchanting

What is the hurry to go?

Just for a while, stop the flow!!

I try to walk

You always spurt

Why do you exert

It wouldn’t hurt

To wait for me

To match my pace

Just in case

To enjoy my company

For a while

With a smile

After all we are companions

For a lifetime!!

My dearest companion Time

Whenever I need you

You never there

When I am getting late

You stop being my mate

You start a race

Against me

Turning away your face

And on a contrary

You never hurry

When I wait to see my love

You never quickly pass

You leave me in a morass

To ever trust you

And yet you stay with me

In every moment I see

In my ecstasy and my agony

In my loss and my rise

You are my truest companion

As you stop the tick-tock

My breath gets forever locked

And they would then say

Alas, her time is over

It was her last day!!

—Anushree Dutta

Good Morning!!

P.C. – Google

It was today in the morning

So warm, so cozy

When the sun took a peek

When I was still asleep

Shining on my face

Spreading its warmth

Whispering in my ears

It’s time to wake up

To sip coffee from your cup

I disagreed

I argued

And covered my face

Go away, give me some space

Go shine somewhere else

Go bother someone, not me

Why don’t you ever get late?

This is what I really hate

I frowned

I grumbled

And left my snugly warm bed

With a crumpled spread

Still so inviting

Wrinkly yet enticing

But I had to depart

Leaving the warmth behind

For the fresh beginning

Gifted, by the morning

By the Sun, so kind!!

….Anushree Dutta



When I was planning

He was laughing

He who owns everything

He who knows everything

Yet I never stopped

Plans that flopped

I still kept making

Is there a fault in my making!!

I asked Him out loud

To clear the thick cloud

That had layered my vision

That affected every decision

That I once made with precision

And suddenly I heard

Laughter so loud

Totally abstruse and unheard

Ending into a complete silence

Increasing the cabalistic suspense

I waited, baffled and puzzled

Trying to unravel

This enigmatic instance

The surety of its existence

And there it was again

Loud and clear

A voice without fear

“Nothing can be planned

And yet we do it!!

It is never in our hand

And yet we do it!!”

Sometimes it works

Sometimes we fail

Because we are humans

Cemented and stuck

Between the heart and the brain

Was my brain talking?

Or my heart mocking

I still keep pondering!!

I still fail to interpret!!

…Anushree Dutta